Value of an Advisor End Investor eKit (U.S.) - 2021

What can a financial advisor do for me? There is no doubt that 2020 tested all of us in many ways. For one thing, it was a volatile year in the markets. First, U.S. stocks touched new highs, then fell sharply in March when the global spread of the COVID-19 virus forced lockdowns and a halt to most economic sectors. The markets recovered strongly in the final months on positive vaccine news. For another, our lifestyles changed. Many of us had to switch to a virtual environment seemingly overnight, affecting a wide array of activities: work, school, shopping, celebrations. Through it all, many of us may have found our priorities and outlooks have changed. That’s why we think it is the perfect time for you to consider the value you receive when you work with an advisor. Given the volatility seen in 2020, we believe that even if all your advisor did was help you stick to your investment plan, you likely received more value that the fee you paid. But most advisors do so much more—they may actively rebalance your portfolio, provide customized service, make sure your portfolio aligns with your desired outcomes, and help you maximize your after-tax returns. All of those elements are captured in our simple and handy formula that can help you understand the value of working with an advisor. A Active rebalancing of investment portfolios = Value of an advisor + B Behavioral coaching + C Customized client experience & planning + P Product alignment + T Tax-smart planning & investing 2 / Why work with a financial advisor? / Russell Investments