Award-winning multi-asset investing for your clients

Why invest with Russell Investments?

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Learn more about Russell Investments and access materials to help explain the benefits of award-winning multi-asset investing to your clients. Review product information and engage clients with a manager allocation tool to share manager allocations within a total portfolio.

Awards and recognition

When you invest, it's good to know that you're among the best. Russell Investments has been recognised by independent research houses for our excellence in the investment industry.

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Investor profile questionnaire

An online questionnaire designed to determine the preferred balance in the portfolio between growth and defensive assets based on their risk/return profile.


Manager allocator

Understanding the underlying manager allocations when using multi-asset funds can be time-consuming. This manager allocator tool helps to quickly distil the breakdown of managers with a portfolio. The report then clearly displays the underlying exposure for your client.


ETF portfolio modeller

Use this tool to understand the effect of varying your allocations to different sectors within the fixed income asset class.

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Multi-asset funds

Our award winning, actively managed, multi-asset funds provide you with a diversified portfolio that delivers to the outcome you are seeking.

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Real returns funds

We follow a three-step process to create funds that generate a client’s chosen rate of return at a level of risk they can commit to.

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Sector funds

We are able to provide clients with select exposure to single sector strategies across an extensive range of traditional, alternative and opportunistic strategies.

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Exchange traded funds

Exchange traded funds can often be a simple way to create a diversified portfolio.

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