Downside management toolkit

Helping you navigate through downward market swings.

Client Servicing

Get equipped with current market commentaries and articles to share with clients during your review process. The section also includes educational tools and materials to help explain investment concepts to your clients when seeking to either reassure them of existing strategy or transition to a new approach.

Global Market Commentary

2017 Long term investing report

Traditional investment approaches are unlikely to achieve the returns investors need to achieve their goals as lower returns and the potential for increasingly volatile markets are predicted for core asset classes. So where and how can investors find optimum returns while mitigating risk?

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Investor education resources

Value of diversification

This chart highlights the importance of diversification in a portfolio.

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Asset class returns

This chart shows that no one asset class consistently outperforms on a regular basis.

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Cycle of market emotions

Investing can be like riding a roller coaster. This map explains the impact of market sentiment. Read more

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Retirement lifestyle selector

A visual aid to help clients identify the income they are seeking to achieve in retirement


Client articles

Five ways to get your finances in order

As we start a new financial year, there’s no better time to take a step back and review your finances. Here are five tips to get you in great shape.

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Resisting temptation

Human beings have developed language, conquered gravity, and made the most of our opposable thumbs. What we’re not terribly good at though, is overcoming our own worst impulses – particularly as investors.

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Know your bears from your bulls

Ever heard someone waxing lyrical about the importance of diversifying your portfolio across asset classes and wished you knew what on earth they were talking about? Check out our plain-language guide to common investing terms, and you’ll be holding your own in no time.

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