2018 Russell Investments/ASX
Long Term Investing report

The journey matters as much as the destination


2018 Russell Investments/ASX Long Term Investing Report

This report flashes a caution to Australian investors who rely on a singular asset class to achieve their long-term investment goals. Take a closer look behind the headline numbers, there’s a lot more variation year on year. Understanding these variations could benefit investors in their choice of investment strategy going forward and the likelihood of achieving their desired outcomes.

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How to avoid behavioural biases

As humans, we all suffer from some biases. But many of these can be reduced by a robust, objective and disciplined process. This article discusses how to avoid common behavioural biases and their detrimental impact on investor portfolios.

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A tale of two investors

This article is designed to help investors compare the benefits of diversification across different asset classes, regions, managers and strategies. It also demonstrates how a more dynamic investment approach can respond quickly to opportunities and risks as market events occur.

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