Combining your super accounts with us is a smart choice.

It’s easier to control

Combining your accounts helps you see your true superannuation picture clearly. You’ll know exactly how much you have and how it’s invested, so you’re more likely to achieve your retirement goals.

It’s simpler to manage

With just one account, you can concentrate on watching your super grow rather than watching your mailbox.

It helps you save more

Combining your super accounts could save you hundreds of dollars each year and add thousands to your balance over a lifetime.

According to CANSTAR, you’re likely to be paying around $89 each year in excess fees on each superannuation account.

These excess fees might not seem like much, but the costs add up quickly.

Not included? Other fees and costs like adviser fees or insurance premiums that could be eating away at your savings.

That’s money you should be spending in retirement.

Why choose us

You might not see our name on billboards or bus shelters, but here at Russell Investments we manage more than $300 billion in assets for some of the world’s largest investors. We’re proud to be looking after your retirement savings too.

When your super is invested with us, you’re tapping into more than 80 years of global investment know-how. We’re experts in our field, and you can be confident that we’re investing your savings wisely.

If you joined us because your employer chose Russell Investments as its superannuation partner, you’re probably enjoying special benefits and fee discounts that help your retirement savings grow faster.

Things to know before you combine

Before you combine your accounts, check for any exit or withdrawal fees your other fund might charge, as well as any entitlements or insurance cover that could stop when you close your other account.

It usually takes around three business days for the money to hit your account.

Combine my super