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2017 Global Market Outlook

The Outlook highlights the most recent economic insights and market expectations from the firm's global team of investment strategists.

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The bond market is waving a flag that we should pay attention to

The current bull market in U.S. equities has been impressive on many fronts, and specifically with respect to its magnitude of returns and longevity.
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#DeleteFacebook: Data privacy concerns flood the social network

On March 16, news broke that British political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica had gained improper access to data from as many as 50 million Facebook users (an estimate that has since been upped to 87 million).1 That firm and its top executives are now also under fire for alleged violations of U.S. election laws, and Facebook is facing heavy scrutiny of its data security, audit procedures and disclosures. Its stock price is down more than 17% since the issue came to light.2
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Kris Nelson

Russell quarterly update

Here is a summary of investment markets for the three months ending 31 March 2018
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Dividend Opportunities

Semi-annual Index Reconstitution Russell Investments High Dividend Australian Shares ETF (RDV)
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Markets tumble as Trump announces sweeping tariffs on China

Trump announcement on Chinese tariffs sparks market sell. What's next?
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