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How to win

Everyone knows that combining your super can be a good idea. Right now, it’s even more rewarding. Combine your super with us by December 2017 and you could win a $15,000 super contribution^.

See below for some things you should consider before you combine.

Combine now

See what a $15,000 super boost could mean for you*

I am years old

By the time I retire, $15,000 could be worth

Combine now

See the difference this $15,000 could make to your future

Looking to buy your first home? New rules mean you might be able to cash it in to get on the property ladder.

Starting to get serious about your super? These are the contributions you’ve been meaning to make.

Wish your balance was a little healthier? Think of this as a pre-retirement bonus… or a splurge fund.

Why are you still paying twice?

Having more than one account means you’re probably paying hundreds of dollars in duplicate fees and insurance premiums every year. The money you save by having only one account could turn into thousands of dollars in your pocket when you retire.

One account is easier to monitor and manage. Plus, you can see all of your super in the one place, on the app and online.

Don’t know where your other super is? Don’t worry. We can track it down for you.

Three easy ways to combine

It’s never been easier to combine your super.


Find and combine your super in seconds online.

Just log into your account using your Member number and PIN and go to ‘Combine my super’.

You’ll find your member number on your member card, your statement or call us 1800 555 667. No PIN? No worries. You can request or reset.

Combine online


Mobile App

See where your other super is hiding and combine it with a simple swipe.

Download the app to discover just how easy it can be to manage your super anywhere, anytime.

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Combine over the phone in minutes. Call us on 1800 555 667 to get it done today, or request a call to get started.

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Things you should consider

Before you combine your super with us, you should find out about exit or withdrawal fees your other fund might charge, as well as any entitlements or insurance cover that might stop when you close your other account.

*This is a rule of thumb calculation showing the value of a one-off after-tax superannuation contribution of $15,000 based on a 6.52% rate of return compounded annually, assuming retirement at age 67. This calculation does not take your personal circumstances into account.


Terms and conditions
^A minimum consolidation amount applies. Competition terms and conditions are available here. The promotion starts at 00:00 hrs on 24 July 2017 and closes 24:00 hrs on 22 December 2017 (promotional period). This prize is paid for by Russell Investments Employee Benefits Pty Limited and is not funded by superannuation money. Authorised under trade promotion permits: NSW LTPS/17/15845, ACT TP17/01333, SA T17/1270

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