Combine your super. Win a MINI Cooper.

Combine to win

Congratulations to C. O’Bryan of VIC who is the lucky winner of our Win a MINI promotion!

A little goes a long way.

You don't want multiple super accounts. But you do want to win a car. We can help with both. Combining your super into one account is simple, quick and could save you thousands over your working life - thousands that will help ensure you can live the lifestyle you deserve.

Right now, combining your super is even more rewarding. Combine your super with us by 30 November 2016 (a minimum amount applies) and you could be driving home in a brand new MINI Cooper 3-Door Hatch*.

Drive your super further

Save on fees

Having more than one account means you could be paying hundreds of dollars in duplicate fees and insurance premiums. The money you save by having only one account could turn into thousands of dollars in your pocket when you retire.


Keep track

One account is easier to keep track of and manage (with just one set of paperwork). Plus, you can view and manage all your super in the one place via our secure member website.

Take control

Take control of your money and how you’re investing it. Having one fund means it’s easier to manage an investment strategy to meet your needs.

And.. win a MINI Cooper

Combine your super and you’ll go into the draw to drive home a MINI Cooper 3-door hatch in Volcanic Orange.
That should be enough to get you moving.

Three easy ways to combine

It’s never been easier to combine your super. All you need is the name or ABN of your other funds.


Use our quick and easy online consolidation tool. Just log in to your account using your member number and PIN, and go to 'Combine my super'.

You'll find your membership number on your member card, annual statement or by calling us on 1800 555 667. If you've forgotten your PIN you can request a new one here.

Combine now



Fill out and sign our easy rollover form and send it to us (no stamp required):

Russell Supersolution
Reply Paid 79579
Sydney South NSW 1234

Download form


Call us on 1800 555 667 and one of our super experts will help you get started, or request a call back below.

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Before rolling your super into your Russell SuperSolution account, you should check with your other funds to see if you will lose any insurance entitlements and if any exit fees apply.

Don't know where your other super is?
Give us the green light and we'll track it down.

Gone are the days of sifting through your paperwork looking for details of your other super accounts. All you have to do is give us the green light, and we'll go track down all your other super and get in touch with you once we've located it all.

Just log in to your account and click on ‘Search for my super’ in your personalised ‘To Do List’. Or give us a call on 1800 555 667.

Track down my super


*A minimum consolidation amount applies. Competition terms and conditions are available here. MINI is not a participant or sponsor of this promotion. The promotion starts at 00:00 hrs on 4 July 2016 and closes 24:00 hrs on 30 November 2016 (promotional period). This prize is paid for by Russell Investments Employee Benefits Pty Limited and is not funded by superannuation money. Authorised under trade promotion permits: NSW LTPS/16/04694, ACT TP16/01177, SA T16/1057

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