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Last updated 10 August

Since the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) there has been ongoing government action, press coverage and investment market volatility. Along with health concerns, you may be worried about the potential economic impact – particularly when it comes to the effect on your super investments.

Resources and tools

As we move into the second half of 2020, the Russell Investments team continue to monitor the situation closely, and we’ve put together a range of resources to keep you updated on the latest developments, and a suite of tools to help you manage your super savings through this period.

Details of the temporary changes to super legislation from the Government, including how to apply for the early release of super savings. 

Early access to super

Sharing the latest news and likely impacts to investment markets, along with resources to help manage your super through this period.

Supporting our members

There are an increasing number of reports of coronavirus scams in Australia. Includes tips for staying safe.

Scam warning

For anyone facing redundancy, you’ll have some important financial and lifestyle decisions to make – we’re here to help.

Redundancy support

The Government has announced a range of other financial assistance measures outside of super. We’ve got links to useful resources.

Other financial assistance

Our strategists are producing frequent market updates in response to the crisis, keeping you informed on global markets and potential impacts.

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What is Russell Investments doing?

As always, our message remains that superannuation is a long-term investment. History has shown that periods of negative returns and volatility – while stressful – are entirely expected and part of the normal journey for the growth of long-term superannuation investments.

There are a variety of events that can, and have, caused share market volatility over the years – from recessions and tech bubbles, the 9/11 terrorist attack in the US, natural disasters like tsunamis, the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), and more recently Brexit. Right now, it is a global health event. Each of these events have resulted in market falls and periods of volatility, but without fail there has been a corresponding bounce-back and a continued trend of increased investment value and returns over the longer-term.

Share markets have rebounded strongly since their lows in late March, driven by expectations that economic activity will pick up amid a further loosening of coronavirus containment measures and ongoing fiscal and monetary policy support globally. With more and more countries emerging from their virus-induced lockdowns, investors bet that the worst of the pandemic had passed, and that growth will likely begin to accelerate through the second half of this year. 

However, there is still much uncertainty surrounding the path of the pandemic, with a potential second wave seen as a key risk to financial markets moving forward. 

Your financial security is our priority

First and foremost, our risk management practices are something we take very seriously. Over decades we have guided many of the world’s largest investors and millions of investors just like you through market events like these, and have learnt to be careful, disciplined and deliberate in any actions we take. Russell Investments has a robust global business continuity program that includes incident management, health and safety precautions and backup facilities. Your financial security is always our number one priority

The Russell Investments philosophy remains solid, and our investment approach is focused on the medium to long-term investment objectives of our members. The construction of our diversified investment portfolios ensure that we remain well balanced and diversified across various asset classes, industries and regions.

Our investment experts continue to closely monitor the market outlook, assess portfolio risks, and fine-tune portfolio positions. We have trading operations in all major time zones so can move quickly if required. The global team of economists, strategists, analysts and portfolio managers have lived and learned through many market cycles and volatility events and are well prepared to manage your money in all market conditions. Our strategists are also committed to producing frequent market updates in response to the ongoing crisis, keeping you informed on global markets and potential impacts.


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