Hedge Fund disclosures – Russell Investments Australian Opportunities Fund

This is where we disclose information in accordance with our obligations under ASIC’s Regulatory Guide 240 and includes the following:

  • Material changes to the Fund’s Investment strategy
  • Changes to Investment personnel playing a key role in investment decisions for the Fund
  • Notification of Change of Portfolio Manager: Russell Investments Australian Opportunities Fund (ARSN 108 895 469)
    “Effective January 2023, the Portfolio Manager of the Fund has been changed from Andrew Zenonos to James Harwood. James will co-manage the Fund alongside the existing Portfolio Manager, Symon Parish.

    James is a Senior Portfolio Manager focusing on Australasian equities. In this role he is responsible for all aspects of portfolio management across a number of active and outcome-oriented equity funds, including portfolio construction, dynamic management, and implementation.

    For more details regarding the change, please refer to the new Supplementary Product Disclosure Statement (SPDS) issued for the Fund, dated 31 January 2023, available at http://russellinvestments.com/au/disclosures.”

  • Material changes to the Fund’s risk profile
  • Changes to key service providers
  • Please close this window to view the current NAV of the Fund. To view the redemption value of a unit in each class of units (as at the date the NAV was calculated) and net investment returns after fees and costs, visit https://russellinvestments.com/au/support/managed-funds/funds

You can access the Fund's annual hedge fund disclosures here.