P is for Planning. Not just advice, but time back on your client’s clock.

We live in a busy world. Many people are struggling to keep up with the demands of day-to-day life. And as such, more of us identify as being time-poor. In order to save time on the things we don’t enjoy, and create time for what’s important to us, outsourcing has an attractive offering. Whether it’s a house-cleaner, dog walker, online shopping, home-delivered groceries, or financial advice, people are getting savvier about how they allocate their time. By outsourcing financial planning to a qualified financial adviser, clients not only get direct benefits through investment value, but they get back precious time to focus on living and enjoying their life.

The financial administration burden – quantify time saved

As financial advisers, we use our knowledge and expertise to deliver client value by creating a bespoke financial plan tailored to our clients’ individual circumstances. Beyond the creation of a plan, we help clients save time by monitoring and making recommended adjustments to their investments, ongoing savings and contributions to ensure they have the right insurance in place.

A financial plan is a key element in helping investors identify and reach their goals. But there is a lot of research and knowledge that goes on behind the scenes.