Building connections

in volatile times

When markets get uncertain and investors start to get nervous, it is important to ensure you stay connected to your clients and build reassurance, trust and continue to show your value.


CPD Accreditation

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Understanding human behaviour

B is for understanding behavioural biases and our tips on how to prevent their adverse effect on investor portfolios.

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Communication essentials

Cycle of market emotions - The key to successful investing is to buy low and sell high. But more often than not, investors do the exact opposite. The reason? Investors are human.


Connecting with clients

Resisting temptation - Human beings have developed language, conquered gravity, and made the most of our opposable thumbs and infinite imaginations. What we’re not terribly good at though, is overcoming our own worst impulses – particularly as investors.


Don’t forget to look within

Advisers wear many hats - fiduciaries, business owners, employers, community leaders. That’s in addition to other social and care roles you hold in your life. So, we ask you to stop, breath and take a moment. Self-care is not selfish - it is essential.

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Best practice technology

To help you, your clients and colleagues maximise your engagements during this time and in the future, we have provided our best practice guide for making the most out of your video conferencing technology.

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Other useful resources

Value of diversification - This tool shows how different asset classes have performed erratically year to year, demonstrating the benefits of a well-diversified, multi asset approach.


Value of an adviser

Let's help demonstrate the value of advice. We believe in the value of advisers. Your clients are your most persuasive advocates. Helping them understand the value you deliver is key. Let's make that easier.



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