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Optimise your service model

Deliver on your client expectations
whilst meeting your business obligations

It’s a balancing act! Ensure you are delivering on your client expectations while also meeting compliance obligations and building sustainable business processes for your team.


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Time Capacity Analyser Tool (TCAT)

The TCAT helps Advisers understand the service capacity of their team and how this relates to the service model allocations within and across their service packages.

With some simple pre-work inputs from you, we can calculate your capacity, the current commitments of your overall service model and within different client tiers. This analysis provides insightful data to help make decisions on how to best refine your service model to ensure it is delivering value to your clients as well as being scalable and consistent for you and your team.

To access this analysis – Register your details and we will send you instructions and next steps to complete the TCAT data input spreadsheet.

You will need to provide information such as:

  • Annual revenue and estimated resource allocation of you and your team

  • Service package names, number of clients and average revenue

  • Elements of your service package, how frequently they occur and time it takes to execute

Once you have completed and returned the data, we will be in contact to confirm a Business Consulting session to discuss your results.



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