"Our globally connected team of researchers, strategists and portfolio managers allow us to source the best investment ideas, to manage risk and gain new sources of return."

Andrew Sneddon
Managing Director, Senior Portfolio Manager,
Multi-Asset Funds,

Multi Asset Solutions 

Our award winning, actively managed, multi-asset funds provide you with a diversified portfolio that delivers to the outcome you are seeking.

Our funds deliver real value using:

Real diversification. We design a blueprint for our funds drawing on truly diverse sources of return, to help the portfolio weather different market conditions and economic scenarios.

Best of breed components.We devote significant resources, time and expertise to identifying the most effective strategies, the right funds, the best investments and the most efficient modes of implementation.

Active management to adapt to changing conditions. Our portfolio management team continuously assesses portfolio risk and adapts the assets, strategies and managers when necessary, to minimise risks and take advantage of the market opportunities.

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