Implementation Solutions

Transition Management

Setting large pools of assets into motion can be a daunting endeavor.

A well-planned and well-executed transition strategy can help you:

  • manage return outcomes
  • maintain investment exposure
  • minimise fiduciary risk and administrative workload and
  • provide a transparent view of your transition

Our transition management experience

We help clients to manage their risks and investment performance when restructuring their portfolios or asset classes. Our in-house capabilities include specialist equity, fixed income, currency management and derivatives teams. All our teams maintain a high level of integrity to ensure you receive:

  • outcome-oriented transition plans to focus on total return for your fund.
  • unbiased, global multi-venue trading for best execution.
  • complete transparency of transition events and full fee disclosure.
  • performance measured using T Standard.

Performance measurement using the T Standard

We provide you with a reliable estimate of implementation shortfall before your transition. Our T Standard-compliant estimates include all costs. After your transition is complete, we use the T Standard to measure actual performance.

Learn more about the T Standard

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