Russell Investments Exchange Traded Funds

How to use ETFs in your portfolio

There are a number of different ways that you can use ETFs to meet your investment objectives. Some of these include:

Build a core equity portfolio

ETFs are an efficient way to create a 'core' equity portfolio. You don't need specific investment skills in picking individual shares because professional investment managers like Russell Investments use our experience and research to construct ready-made investment portfolios designed to track specific market benchmarks.

Rebalance your portfolio

ETFs provide you with a quick, simple and cost effective way to rebalance the exposures in your portfolio. Regularly rebalancing your portfolio ensures that your investment portfolio reflects your original asset allocation strategy and investment goals.

Use ETFs to gain access to specific asset classes

ETFs can be used to 'tilt' your portfolio towards specific sectors, asset classes or regions that you expect to outperform the overall market.

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