Blending leading managers and strategies in a diversified, adaptive and efficient portfolio.

Invest Blue presents the Cornerstone managed portfolios, a dynamic solution powered by Russell Investments. Built blending the world’s leading managers and strategies in a diversified, adaptive and efficient portfolio.

Why Managed Accounts

Managed Accounts can help clients to closely align their specific return objectives, risk tolerance and specific circumstance to their investment goals. This investment option can provide investors choice by way of control, transparency and flexibility of their managed account.

With a managed account, investors benefit from direct ownership of securities unlike a managed fund. You can gain greater control whilst still accessing the expertise of a professional manager.

Your financial adviser can help ensure your portfolio stays on track and is adapting to your financial circumstances.

Why Cornerstone managed portfolios

The same capabilities used by some of the world's largest and most iconic investors including Boeing and JCPenny

Diversification and dynamism are key in our managed portfolios.

Institutional grade asset allocation expertise

Access to the world’s leading managers and strategies

Robust processes to adapt responsibly to changing markets

About Russell Investments

Learn all about Russell Investments, where they began, and how their investment approach puts the world's leading investment managers to work for you.

Who we are Our investment approach

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Across 5 risk adjusted portfolios





High Growth

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* Not available for investment on all platforms

Access information about the portfolios

Invest Blue provides access to the Cornerstone managed portfolios through AMP and BT panorama. Access the Product Disclosure Statements and quarterly Investment report.

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* Only available on BT Panorama

Quarterly Review

Detailed information on market themes and the Cornerstone Managed Portfolios for the previous quarter.

AMP Quarterly report BT Quarterly report

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