"Every client's situation is different. We work with our clients to provide the most effective approach to achieving their investment goals."

Keith Knapman
Head of Client Relationship Management,

Implemented Consulting

Implemented consulting assists organisations to manage a fund's day-to-day running by allowing them to:

  • Gain more time to focus on the funding level by delegating non-strategic decisions;
  • Take control of the strategy while a team of worldwide investment experts continuously monitors the portfolio and the markets;
  • Assign accountability for all the everyday decisions to experts who implement them with accuracy, expertise and speed;
  • Receive reporting focused on what is important to their organisation's goals and risk metrics not just assets.

You may need a fully delegated service, where you require us to make and implement all day-to-day decisions. Or you may prefer an execution only approach, where we will work with you on specific decisions and then implement them on your behalf.

How it works?

We help improve your portfolio strategy and design.

We help you create realistic goals and a strategic map of how we will achieve them together. Working in partnership with you, we take everything into account from manager and asset class selection, to guidelines for risk-budgeting and dynamic risk management. This lays the foundation for increasing your return potential and decreasing your risk.

We continuously monitor positions, risks and opportunities.

We have sophisticated in-house systems and practical asset management experience to make swift, insightful decisions in every area including dynamic management of total portfolio risk, tactical asset allocation and ongoing manager changes. This leaves you free to focus on your strategy.

We take accountability for efficient trading and execution.

We have a seasoned team of execution specialists whose main focus is to attain best execution when trading equities, bonds, derivatives or foreign exchange. We have a global trading desk and use an independent agency approach to provide you with transparency.

You're in good company

Russell Investments has consistently been recognised globally for excellence in the investment industry.

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