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Our purpose at Russell Investments is to improve your financial security. That’s why we offer a range of advice services to help you grow and protect your retirement savings, often at no cost. We can connect you with an adviser over the phone for advice on your investment strategy, transitioning to retirement, your super contribution strategy and more, or refer you to a qualified financial adviser in your local area for comprehensive advice (like a retirement plan, or advice on assets outside of super). Your first face-to-face meeting with a referred local adviser is always provided to you on a no-cost, no-commitment basis.

Whatever your questions, we can connect you with trustworthy and reliable advice. Call us on 1800 555 667 to talk to us about the questions you need answered.

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We're always publishing new content to keep you informed and updated on the latest changes to superannuation and the markets. We also offer strategies for growing and managing your super, tips on planning your retirement, 'how to' guides on insurance, and information on the fundamentals of investing. Just about everything we write, say or show finds its way here. And our search feature makes it easy to find what you need. Take a look

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Our friendly service team based in Sydney has invested a lot of time learning the ins and outs of super, retirement, and your super plan, so they can help you manage your account and find the answers to questions in relation to your super account. Call them on 1800 555 667 between 8.30am - 5.30pm, Monday to Friday.

Get to know us in person

If you struggle with getting your head around super and retirement planning, one of our free member seminars can help steer you in the right direction. Our seminar presenters will help you understand the basics, run you through contribution strategies and retirement planning, update you on the latest changes in super, and more. Talk to your employer about when the next Russell Investments member seminar is scheduled.

A round-the-clock service for night owls

If you’re looking for information, guidance or support outside of business hours, we can help with that too. Between 6am and 2am AEST every day you can transact, check your balance and more, by calling us on 1800 555 667 and following the voice prompts, or by  logging in. For security reasons, you’ll need to enter your member number and password.