Our focus is to help you grow and focus on your organisations goals.


Our focus is to help you grow and focus on your organisations goals.

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When investing as a Not-for-profit you need to start with understanding how the organisation can fulfil its purpose now and in the future. Whether it exists to provide support for disadvantaged people, healthcare services, land, medical research or education, its existence is for a purpose. Part of securing its future is in the growth of the organisation’s assets, including those held in reserves or investment portfolios.

For further support on developing your investment portfolio access our NFP handbook.

Start with purpose

How can we help

Whether you are seeking to sustain your organisation into perpetuity, deliver a regular income stream or building a portfolio for future ambitions our investment professionals work with you to understand your needs and help achieve your goals.

Implemented consulting

Reduce your daily management burden to focus on strategic decisions. This award- winning service combines our experienced consulting team with our global asset management engine to support your investment goals.


Responsible investing

Invest without compromising your values. We can help determine an investment solution that reflects your organisation’s values, manages risk and meets your investment objectives.

Translating the Jargon

Active management, alpha, sharpe ratio, tracking error...struggling with the financial jargon attached to your portfolio? We've created a jargon buster to help you make sense of it all.

Translate the Jargon

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For more information please contact:

Rebekah Dunn
Head of Not for Profit
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