"Our real return funds are designed to strike a balance between investment returns and preserving your savings."

Andrew Sneddon
Managing Director,
Multi-asset Solutions,
Russell Investments

Russell Investments Dynamic Real Returns Series

Our dynamic real return funds are managed by Russell Investments’ global multi-asset team, which has a robust record in delivering long-term performance in multi-asset investing across traditional and alternative asset classes and strategies. We follow a three-step process to create funds that generate a client’s chosen rate of return at a level of risk they can commit to.

Experts project that returns from traditional share and bond investments are likely to fall to low single-digits. At the same time, the value of financial assets are experiencing extreme volatility and these jolts appear to be becoming more frequent.

Real return funds, such as the Russell Investments Dynamic Real Return Series, may offer a solution to this dilemma by allowing investors to remain in the market while improving their chances of achieving their portfolio objectives.

Dynamic or multi-asset real return funds have grown in popularity in recent years as an investment instrument that sits neatly next to established balanced funds. They provide a means to achieve longer-term objectives and shorter-term agility, along with the added benefit of exposure to non-traditional investment opportunities. A focus on outcome-oriented objectives (CPI + X%) brings this flexibility and offers the added bonus of smoother return streams, avoiding significant drawdowns and reducing reliance on any equity-risk premium.

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