Decarbonisation 2.0
Russell Investments’ sustainable investing solution for the energy transition.

Tackling the challenge of identifying the criteria to reduce the carbon footprint while enhancing exposure to renewables.

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Responsible investing research


Responsible investing is a long-term approach that accounts for a wide range of dynamic environmental, social and governance factors.

With new science, policy and innovation continuing to push boundaries, we continually monitor and explore new topics and considerations. This allows us to adapt our investment vehicles to support positive sustainability practices and capture opportunities in growth industries.

Our Latest Research

Time to focus on China

From trade wars with the U.S., to the widely publicised slowdown in gross domestic product (GDP) growth, China has rarely been out of the news in the past 18 months. Unfortunately, those taking the headlines at face value may be missing out on long-term opportunities available within this economic powerhouse.
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Why ESG matters to investors and investing.

Many investors still see environment, social and governance (ESG) factors as values-oriented.
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Overview of Negative screening and performance consequences

In recent years, an increasing number of investors have formed dual investment goals: maintain strong investment returns while expressing views on specific industries (such as tobacco, carbon or controversial weapons). As part of this demand, investors also want to understand the performance impact of these exclusions on their portfolio. To meet this need, we created thousands of simulated portfolios with various exclusions. Then we evaluated the performance distribution of these portfolios to identify how – and how much – negative screening can materially affect a portfolio.
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Miao Ouyang
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