Superannuation Funds

Australia has one of the most highly competitive and highly prized superannuation industries in the world. While this is fantastic for your members it requires you to run a gauntlet of regulatory change, increasingly complex investment markets and rising operational costs.

To support your mission and help achieve your members retirement aspirations, you need to rely on valuable partnerships. We would like to partner with you.

Russell Investments is one of the largest managers of institutional outsourced assets globally and a leader in manager research. We are committed to working with governments and superannuation and pension plans around the world to solve the retirement challenge of current underfunding.

Your organisation is unique with an established governance structure, operating framework and deep knowledge of your member base. Our team of consultants and investment professionals have operated in Australia for over 30 years and are accustomed working in a flexible approach to suit your specific requirements.

Our services include:

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