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The Russell Investments Wealth and Super Series is a cost-effective way of accessing, both the Russell Investments suite of award-winning Multi-asset funds and the industry-leading technological capabilities of platform provider Netwealth.

Our fees are amongst the lowest in the industry

The Russell Investments Wealth and Super Series offers investors a world-class best-of-breed, fully active solution that is very cost-effective.

Russell Investments Balanced Fund via the Wealth and Super Series average fees and costs (%pa)

  • Russell Investments Balanced Fund
  • Industry Funds
  • Retail Master Trust
  • Corporate Master Trusts
  • Wrap Accounts
  •  *Overall

Source: Russell Investments, Chant West - Super Fund Fee Survey, March 2018 based on a $50,000 account balance. For investment fees, the Chant West Survey focuses on investment options that use a multi-manager sector specialist approach. All fees are gross of income tax and include fees charged and any indirect costs but exclude transaction fees, contribution fees and adviser commissions.

*Overall = ALM weighted average of costs for industry funds, retail master trusts, corporate master trusts and wrap accounts. ALM includes all accumulation, defined benefit and pension assets at 30 June 2017.

Our approach brings together the world's leading investment managers and strategies, in an agile and diversified portfolio, designed to achieve your long-term investment goals.

Key benefits

Cost effective

  • Competitive administration fees: 

    Account balance % applicable
     $0 - $250,000 0.20% p.a.
    Balance over $250,000 Nil
    * Additional fees such as cash account fees may apply. Please refer to the product disclosure statement.

Efficient client administration

  • Consolidated and efficient client reporting.
  • Adviser, administration and management login.
  • Online and offline access.

Platform features

  • Access multiple insurers.
  • Term Deposits and cash, including bring your own cash account facilities.
  • Eligible life insurance policies and pay premiums from your Wealth Series account.

Investment choice

  • Build a diversified investment portfolio using a range of Russell Investments’ actively-managed multi-asset, single sector and real return funds.
  • Term deposit facility.
  • Cash account.
Wealth and Super Series Information webinar

Learn more about how to access the best-of-breed investment and platform solutions for you and your clients.

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