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Welcome to the GoalTracker edition of Achieve

Achieve is our news magazine that brings you up to date information on all things super and retirement.

The most recent edition focuses on telling you more about GoalTrackerTM, our latest innovation, designed to make super a whole lot simpler. We show you why we think GoalTracker brings a refreshing new approach to super, and why it won Chant West’s Best Fund Innovation for 2020.

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A message from us
Earlier this year we launched GoalTracker – to make super a whole lot simpler. We’re so excited about it we’ve devoted this issue to telling you more. Page 3
Super simplicity
Find super confusing, complex and better left for another day? Find out how GoalTracker can make saving for your future be easier than you think. Find out more
The plus side
How your super is invested has a big impact on how much money you’ll be able to withdraw from it in the future. Discover GoalTracker Plus and how it automatically reviews your investments every three months. Find out more
Super under the microscope
Take a look at our member survey results, and some commonly held misconceptions about super. Page 8
Three keys to navigating volatile markets
When the news cycle looks alarming and markets fluctuate wildly, it’s normal to worry about your super. Consider these three guiding principles to ease some of the angst. Find out more
Acting now, rewarded later
Annie combined her super with us and won $10,000 in travel vouchers and a $10,000 boost to her super. She talked to us about travel plans and why combining your super just makes sense. Page 10
Changes to note
Find out about the latest super rules and changes to your fund. Page 9
And a special update for members with a defined benefit
There are important considerations to think about if you leave your employer, whether it’s for another job, to take a break, or to retire. Find out more


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