Helping you build your business

Focusing on client service. Managing business activities more efficiently. Increasing your profitability. Sound familiar?

All of these endeavours take time, and time is often in short supply for dedicated advisers. Access our self-paced CPD accredited practice management programs, which provide guided videos, practical handbooks and additional resources to help you develop a better and more efficient practice.

Our Russell Investments Regional Managers are always available to talk with you in more detail about our programs or present these programs to you and your team. Contact your Regional Manager.


Build your unique value proposition

This program (1.5CPD) is designed to help you stand out from the crowd and be a step ahead in today’s competitive environment. Building your unique value proposition is crucial. A value proposition can help you:

  • Build consistency in your business
  • Help differentiate you from your competitors
  • Enable your existing clients to refer you with a clear message easy to recall
  • Help prospective clients answer why they should choose you

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