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Adviser social media: Put yourself out there!

Total engagement is a goal we all strive for as financial professionals serving clients. While many advisers are capable of and achieve total engagement when in client meetings, we believe the best advisers display total engagement beyond face-to-face meetings by leveraging service models and sharing content and though leadership via social platforms, including LinkedIn.
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Outcomes are the new alpha

Want to know why the tortoise beat the hare? He (or, more likely, she) stayed focused on the finish line. The tortoise was all about the outcome.

In a recent study that we shared, we found investors who built the most wealth did so with a focus on long-term outcomes. Guess what those with the smallest account holdings did? They focused on short-term performance. They acted like hares. The wealthiest acted more like tortoises.
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Building your personal brand

You’ve heard it before: Financial advice is a relationship business. Your clients aren’t just buying insurance and investments—they’re paying to work with you and access your expertise. Building your personal brand is key to your success. In this article, we’ll highlight 10 principles of creating a personal advice brand.
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The Grind – a key ingredient for adviser success

We often get many questions from advisers about perspectives on the market, the future of this business, the next big financial shift or trend... However, one question we do not often get is “What traits do you think an adviser needs to be successful in this business?
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Resisting temptation

Human beings have developed language, conquered gravity, and made the most of our opposable thumbs. What we’re not terribly good at though, is overcoming our own worst impulses – particularly as investors.
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Know your bears from your bulls

Ever heard someone waxing lyrical about the importance of diversifying your portfolio across asset classes and wished you knew what on earth they were talking about? Check out our plain-language guide to common investing terms, and you’ll be holding your own in no time.
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