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Turning challenging conversations into business growth opportunities.

An opportunity to deepen your relationship with your clients

Market volatility and the general uncertainty of current times are likely to make for some challenging client discussions. Clients may question your investment approach, your portfolio choices, and even your fee. There’s no doubt that can feel uncomfortable! However, these conversations can also be a valuable opportunity to deepen your relationship with your clients.

Turning challenges into opportunities


Authentically ask, listen, empathise and coach.

When navigating uncertain environments—particularly one like today—many clients simply want to have human, calming, effective conversations with their financial adviser. They want reassurance that you understand their priorities and fears, and that you empathise.






Overcoming challenges

Use the following sample scenarios, scripts and resources to turn those challenging client conversations into business-building opportunities for you, and confidence-inspiring experiences for your clients.

The challenge

The coaching opportunity

“Let’s trade on this news!”

The benefits of a longterm investment time horizon

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“I hear you... but this time it’s different!”

Gain perspective on the realities of market cycles

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“Let’s make a change!”

Protect their financial plan

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“I can do this cheaper somewhere else”

Communicate the value of a financial adviser

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“I do not need to be diversified”

Cast a wider net with global diversification

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“I’m not happy with performance of this portfolio!”

Performance chasing is not a strategy

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Be your clients’ coach, guide and guru

Recent market volatility has likely created anxiety among investors and can lead a client to question some of the basic tenants of investing and potentially have great impact on their financial success. Financial advisers who coach clients on the timeless concepts like maintaining a long-term investment horizon, understanding the realities of market cycles and share the value they bring to the relationship can turn challenging conversations into business growth opportunities. Getting to the top of your profession and staying there is about guiding your clients and being a guru in managing client relationships and client expectations.

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