Personalised investing, built around you and your goal



Takes the guess work out of investing your super

How your super is invested has a huge impact on whether you will achieve your retirement income goal. But if you’re not an investment expert, choosing the right investments for your personal situation can be tricky.

GoalTracker™ Plus is an additional service we offer through GoalTracker™. We can create your very own investment strategy based on the information you’ve provided and your retirement income goal.

Designed to improve the chance of achieving your goal

Personalised investments

Builds a personalised investment strategy based on your retirement income goal and personal situation.

Quarterly reviews

GoalTracker™ Plus automatically checks your situation every three months and makes changes to your investment strategy if necessary.

Regular updates

Shows you how you’re tracking to your goal, how your investments are being managed and suggests how you can get and stay on track.

No additional cost

You will not be charged any fees for this service or for the ongoing advice on your investment strategy.

Activate GoalTracker™ Plus today

Already set a goal?

Simply log on to your online account and follow the prompts.

How to set a goal

  1. Log on to your online account
  2. Go to GoalTracker™ in My Account to tell us more about you and your goals for the future
  3. Activate GoalTracker™ Plus

Not registered for online access? No worries. You can register online here using your member number.

The plus side

If you’re not an expert, choosing the right investments can be tricky. Find out how GoalTracker Plus can help.

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Award-winning innovation

GoalTracker™ has been recognised globally for its innovation1


For further information about the methodology used by Chant West, see www.chantwest.com.au