Everyday steps to a great life after work
No matter where you are in your working life, there are things you can do with your super that will make a real difference to your life after work.

Some of them will be simple, taking only a few minutes. Others may need the support of a qualified expert to set your goals and help you achieve them.

Our advice menu offers you plenty of options to help you achieve a great life after work.

Did someone say ‘no cost’?

Many of our advice services are offered at no cost to you. And if you are charged a fee, it will be in line with the type of advice you’re getting, and quoted upfront.

Easy implementation

It’s one thing to get advice, but another to put it into action, isn’t it? That’s why we can partner with you to not just manage the paperwork, but also interpret the advice, helping you reach your goals.

Making a difference

Your choice to get financial advice now could make a real difference in securing your financial future. After all, advice is about maximising opportunities and making your money work harder.

Need a hand to make sure you’re all set for a great life after work?

With just one phone call, we can work out which of our advice options best suit your personal circumstances.

Call us on 1800 555 667.

How advice is helping Anita retire with more

Anita1 partnered with one of our advisers, and acting on their investment strategy advice, she could now retire with $88,000 more.

Anita, age 46, called us to find out if her investment strategy—of being invested in MySuper, a default investment option —would help her reach her retirement goal. We put her in touch with Matthew, an Over-the-phone Super Adviser, who works for Link Advice, our advice partner.

Based on Anita's account information and the answers to a series of questions, Matthew determined that Anita was a Growth style investor and recommended investing 100% of her iQ Super account in our Growth option

Projected balance at retirement:

  • Current situation: $373,899
  • After advice: $462,315
  • Value of advice: +$88,4162

Matthew documented the advice he provided to Anita in a Statement of Advice, which she received in the mail a week or so later. Shortly afterwards, we called her to help switch her investment strategy to 100% Growth.

1 While we've changed Anita's name and photo to protect her privacy, this is a real-life example of the difference investment strategy advice made to a genuine iQ Super member.

2 This example and projection is provided for reference only. It is not a recommendation or suggestion. This indicative projection is based on limited information and assumptions made about the future. The amounts are estimates only and are not guaranteed. Any personal advice or recommendation you receive may deliver a different outcome based on your financial circumstances.


What type of advice is right for you?

Advice over the phone

Want expert advice related to your super?
If you'd like a personal recommendation over the phone on a single issue related to your super, we can provide it at no extra cost:

  • Transition to Retirement advice
  • investment strategy advice
  • contribution strategy advice
  • insurance advice.

Retire Ready consultations

Retiring in the next five years?
Book a face-to-face Retire Ready meeting with one of our Retirement Consultants to find out about your retirement income options, and how to take advantage of age-based super rules while you’re still working.

This service is provided at no cost to members.

Personal financial planning

Want advice on your full financial picture, including investments outside super?
We’ve partnered with senior financial advisers who are committed to helping you meet your goals.

Your first meeting is complimentary, with a fee-for-service model applying after that—meaning no surprises.

Are you making the most out of our investment expertise?



Not always. We have plenty of advice options that are provided at no cost to you. It really depends on how deep you want to go. And when they do charge a fee for service, our advice partners pride themselves on being transparent and trustworthy in how they do so.



Financial advice is about saving you money or making more of it. And that’s why paying a fee for personal financial planning to get your full financial picture is worth it. Think what it’s like to rest assured that you’re in expert hands—maximising your position and implementing tax strategies.



Our advice partners will be there with you all the way, from making recommendations and answering your questions to implementing strategies and adapting these strategies as you go through life events. It’s a partnership, but they’ll do the heavy lifting.

Prepare for your first meeting with an adviser

When you meet an adviser for the first time, make sure you are prepared, so you get the best result from your meeting.

  1. Getting to know you—and what you want to achieve

    Your adviser will begin with some easy questions about your age, any dependants, and investments and/or debts; and then move to deeper questions like your financial goals, your attitude to risk and your expectations around retirement.

  2. A recommendation just for you

    Once your adviser has a clear picture of your objectives, they will identify any issues and gaps in your finances.

  3. Statement of Advice

    The next step is for your adviser to prepare a Statement of Advice, outlining their recommendations.

  4. Time to act

    If you are comfortable with what's in your Statement of Advice, your adviser will give you all the support you need to implement their suggestions.

  5. Reviewing your advice

    Make sure to regularly review the advice you get, so it stays up-to-date with your changing needs and objectives.

Don't be afraid to ask questions about anything you don't understand or want to know more about. Start with these.

  • What can I expect from this meeting?
  • What qualifications do you have?
  • Can you provide a copy of your Financial Services Guide?
  • What’s your approach to providing advice and how can I be sure it will continue to satisfy my needs?
  • What fees will I be charged and what are they for?
  • Can you give tax advice?
  • What if I have concerns about the outcome of this interview?

ASIC’s MoneySmart has a comprehensive list of questions that cover financial qualifications, client needs, fees and incentives.

In our words

“Some people do a great job of reaching their investment goals on their own. But if you don’t have clear goals for your financial future or an idea of the best strategies to help you get there, expert advice can make a huge difference. Let us find you expert help you can rely on—after all, trust is everything!”

Emma Barrett
Director, Member Services