Choose the right investment mix

Super is a marathon, not a sprint. How it’s invested can make a big difference to the value of your retirement savings.

Choose the right investment mix

Super is a marathon, not a sprint. How it’s invested can make a big difference to the value of your retirement savings.

Invest for your future

Everyone’s circumstances are different. Choosing your investments—instead of leaving your super in a default option—can tailor your strategy to your goals, timeframe, and appetite for risk and return.

Pick and choose
Our award-winning multi-asset portfolios include diversified, outcome-oriented, sector, responsible and third party investment options. This means from growth-focused investors to conservative investors, there’s something for everyone.
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Your super may be managed by a team of experts, but that doesn’t mean you can’t decide how it’s invested. It’s your money, and it makes sense for you to care about what’s happening to it.
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Five types of investment options
Each diversified option has a different split between growth and defensive asset types, according to its risk/return profile.

Each option is spread across a wide range of asset classes, in varying allocations between defensive and growth type investments. This ensures that they remain true to their risk/return profile regardless of market conditions.

Diversified options

Outcome oriented
These options are focused on delivering investment return targets above inflation. They are invested across a range of asset classes, including alternatives, and are actively managed within wide allowable asset allocation ranges.

This allows the portfolio manager to dynamically manage the portfolio allocations to the target outcome in a wide range of market conditions.

Outcome oriented options

Each sector option is actively managed to provide exposure to a single asset class, such as shares, bonds, property, infrastructure and cash.

More specific options are available, including Australian and Global variants of some asset classes for more discrete exposures. Some global options offer $A Hedging to minimise the impact of currency fluctuations on performance.

Sector options

These investment options are focused on investment opportunities with low carbon impact, and/or environmental, social and governance (ESG) characteristics.

There are both Australian and Global responsible options available.

Responsible options

Third party options
These options are managed to provide passive investment exposure to a benchmark index.

These options are not actively managed, and aim to track the return of their reference index.

There are Australian Shares, Global Shares and Global Shares $A Hedged variants available.

Third Party Options

Investing is about balancing risk and return.

Answer the questions below to discover what kind of investor you are and what strategy might suit you

    In how many years do you intend to retire?
    I prefer an investment strategy designed to grow steadily and avoid sharp ups and downs.
    I'm uncomfortable with potential losses during an extended down market and therefore prefer investments with the lowest possible risk, regardless of return.
    I'll take only the amount of investment risk required to keep pace with inflation.
    When it comes to investing, protecting the money I have is my highest priority.
    To meet my financial goals, I would like my investments to grow at a high rate of return.
    I always choose investments with the highest possible return.
    I seek the maximum possible return even though it may take several years to recover from potential losses in an extended down market.
    I am unwilling to wait several years to recover from losses I incur in an extended down market.
    This superannuation account represents the following percentage of my total retirement savings.
  • score
Are you wondering what difference advice can make?

You get industry knowledge tailored to your life and future needs to bring you peace of mind.

Our advice offer is designed to help you maximise your financial position.

We offer expert, phone-based advice on a single super-related issue, as well as Retire Ready meetings—both at no cost to you.

And we've partnered with senior financial advisers to offer personal financial planning. Your first meeting is free.

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Are you making the most out of our investment expertise?
It’s too risky!
Russell Investments is known for its award-winning multi-asset portfolios, which give you access to a varied mix of asset classes or styles in one investment. And this diversification can help smooth out ups and downs in the market, protecting your portfolio from excessive volatility.
My home is my investment
It’s true. For most Australians, their home is their biggest asset. But did you know that super is the second biggest asset most people will have? And with a well-diversified portfolio, super is a long-term investment that will help you have a great life after work.
I don’t have much money
Don’t underestimate the power of compounding interest when it comes to super, as it’s a long-term investment. It doesn’t matter if, as yet, you don’t have much super, but if you use our expertise to invest what you do have, you’re likely to come out a winner at retirement.

Investment returns matter

Our global pension experts found:

  • 10% comes from your original savings
  • 30% comes from investment returns while you're working
  • 60% comes from investment returns after you retire.

Knowing that more than half of your potential retirement income comes from investment returns earned on your super after you retire shows the benefit of choosing the right strategy and staying invested during retirement.

As part of Russell Investments, our iQ Super members are on board with the same diversification process trusted by some of the world's largest investors.

Your super is most likely invested in one of our award-winning multi-asset portfolios, meaning you're accessing a wide mix of asset classes and styles.

And because different investments tend to rise and fall in value at different times, this can help smooth out the inevitable ups and downs of the markets, protecting you from excessive volatility.

A spectrum of options that range from low risk (and low expected return) through to high risk (and high expected return) investments. Each option includes a mix of different investment types, including shares, property, bonds, cash, and alternative assets, such as infrastructure and commodities.

Diversified options include:

  • Defensive
  • Diversified 50
  • Blended Balanced
  • Balanced
  • MySuper (default option)
  • Growth
  • High Growth
  • Balanced Opportunities (for Choice products only).

Options focused on delivering an investment return target above inflation, while managing downside investment risk. As a result, these options may not experience the large gains that more growth-oriented diversified options do in strong markets – but aim to avoid negative returns. Like the diversified options, outcome-oriented options are invested across a broad range of investment types.

Outcome-oriented options include:

  • Multi-Asset Income Strategy
  • Multi-Asset Growth Strategy.

Options providing exposure to a single investment type like shares, bonds, property, infrastructure and cash. Australian and global asset class options are also available.

Sector options include:

  • Australian Fixed Income
  • Global Fixed Income – $A Hedged
  • Global Opportunities – $A Hedged
  • Emerging Markets
  • Australian Cash
  • Australian Cash Enhanced
  • Australian Opportunities
  • International Property Securities – $A Hedged
  • Global Opportunities.

These options focus on investments that contribute to society and the environment positively in some way, or promote beneficial outcomes for communities.

Responsible options include:

  • Responsible Global Shares
  • Responsible Australian Shares.

These options are a set of low-cost investment options, providing basic passive exposure to a target asset class.

Third party options include:

  • Third Party Indexed Australian Shares
  • Third Party Indexed Global Shares
  • Third Party Indexed Global Shares – $A Hedged.

Your investment strategy should:

  • achieve your long-term objectives
  • provide you with the benefits of diversification
  • meet your needs as you get older or your circumstances change
  • suit your level of risk tolerance.

To find the investment strategy that's right for you, take our Investor Style Quiz to find out what type of investor you are.

With compound interest you earn interest on the money you invest, as well as on the interest you have already earned—so you earn interest on interest.

The power of compounding interest matters when it comes to super, because it's a long-term investment.

Take for example a 35-year-old with an initial balance of $50,000 who salary sacrifices $50 a week to their super. With an interest rate of 6.52% a year, they will end up with $638,462 by age 671. This is in comparison to $377,370 they'd earn with no additional weekly investment.

Compound interest is different from simple interest, as in the case of a term deposit, where interest is paid at the end of a specified term only on the principal investment amount. But compounding interest is paid on the initial principal as well as the accumulated interest on money you have invested.

1 This is a rule of thumb calculation, showing a ‘net of tax' rate of return compounded annually, assuming retirement at age 67. Want to do your own calculations? Try the Compound Interest Calculator at

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