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How we invest

Making a selection from our investment menu can make sure your investment strategy is a good match for your current needs and risk/return profile. But the first step is to understand what these options are, how Russell Investments manages these options, and what type of investor is best suited to invest in which option.

Diversified options

What are diversified options? 

A spectrum of options that range from low risk (and low expected return) through to high risk (and high expected return) investments. Each option includes a mix of different investment types, including shares, property, bonds, cash, and alternative assets, such as infrastructure and commodities. 

How are these options managed?

Each diversified option is managed to get the best possible level of return for a given level of risk. For example, higher risk options are managed to deliver higher long-term returns, yet from time to time, there may be years that bring negative returns. Importantly, the investment strategy for each option is managed in line with its diversification mix, so as an investor, you always know that your investment strategy will be in line with your risk appetite. 

Who is best suited to invest in these options?

Investors who know their risk/return profile. This generally comes down to your goals for retirement, your attitude to risk, and the timeframe you are investing for. Our online tools can help you understand your personal risk/return profile.

 iQ Super iQ Retirement
» Defensive » Defensive
» Diversified 50 » Diversified 50
» Blended Balanced  » Blended Balanced
» Balanced  » Balanced
» Balanced Opportunities1 » Balanced Opportunities1
» Growth » Growth
» High Growth » High Growth
» MySuper
1 The Balanced Opportunities Option is only available for iQ Super – Saver, the iQ Super – Employer section relating to Division Two and Three of CSR, Holcim and Wilmar and the iQ Super – Retained section for former CSR, Holcim and Wilmar employees. For these groups, the MySuper Option is not available.