It's easy to lose track of your super. We've made it easy to find it.

Track down my super

When you move house or change jobs you can lose track of some of your other super accounts. There's over $16 billion in lost and ATO-held super, just think how much could be yours?

The good news is we can track down all your other super (including your lost, unclaimed and active accounts) and help you bring them back to Russell Investments. And, it's a free service.

Having all your super in one place means you'll only be paying one set of fees, have one set of paperwork and you'll have more control over your super savings. It's your money after all!

We´ve made it super easy.

Step one

Log in to your account using your member number and PIN. You´ll find your member number on your member card, annual statement or by calling us on 1800 555 667. If you´ve forgotten your PIN you can request a new one here.

Step two

Click on 'Search for my super' in your personalised 'To Do List'. It's as simple as that.

Step three

Using your Tax File Number, we'll head off and search the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) SuperMatch database for your lost and unclaimed super, plus any other accounts that belong to you.

Once our search is complete we'll get in touch to tell you what we've found and where, and help you combine it into your Russell Investments account.

Track down my super

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