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Life happens. As much as we try to have everything under control, it's natural to let some things slide. It's easy to miss a bill deadline, wait until your car starts to make a strange ticking noise before you book your (overdue) service, or overlook your super. That's where our award-winning To Do List can help.

How does it work?
Created for you
We use what we know about you to create and update your personalised online To Do List in real time.

Your list will guide you through a handful of simple actions to take today that can make a huge difference to your future retirement lifestyle.

Once you’ve completed an action, just tick it off. You’re on your way!
Make it happen
In your online account, you can also take advantage of our Retire Ready tools to find out:

  • how much you’ll need to achieve your desired lifestyle
  • whether your super is on track to reach that goal, and
  • some simple strategies to make it happen.
Your To Do List will update each time you enter more detail, ensuring it’s always relevant for your circumstances.
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A few minutes is all it takes
Your To Do List helps you understand what you should focus on now, and what you can leave for later.

We also know your time is precious, so most of the items on the list can be completed with a click or two. The rest is up to us.

No waffle, no essays—and no need to become an expert in super to effectively manage yours.

You're in good company

7 in 10 of our members have already ticked one or more items off their To Do List. If you’re one of them—great work! Check your list again to see what’s new since you last logged in. And if you haven’t made a start yet, now is a great time.

Plus it’s not only our members who love the To Do List. It was also the winner of Best Campaign and Best Integrated Campaign at the ASFA Communications Awards in 2014, and a finalist for the Conexus Innovation Award in 2015.

Imagine how great it will feel to know you’ve taken active steps to improve your life after work. So what are you waiting for?
Make a start on your To Do List today!