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As the markets adjust to the current economic reality, we have seen extreme levels of market volatility. We expect this market volatility to continue for some time and believe it’s critical to provide you with timely, informative information to help you effectively navigate the current environment.

Please join us for a series of live and on-demand webinars, where our investment teams share their perspectives, address your key concerns, and answer your questions.

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Value of an adviser: Bulls vs. bears

Audience: Financial Professionals

Historically bull markets have lasted longer than bear markets and have more than made up for any losses. In this webinar we discuss the lessons learned from previous market cycles and how you can use these to help your clients today.

Recorded: 01 July 2020 | 32 mins

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Fixed income market insights

Audience: Institutional and Financial Professionals

This webinar was focused on how today’s fixed income market environment will affect investor’s ability to effectively manage risk within their investment portfolios. Ken Leech, CIO, Western Asset Management shared his perspectives on the fixed income markets, and Howard Marks, Director and Co-Chairman, Oaktree Capital discusses the risks and opportunities in public / private credit.

Recorded: 23 June 2020

Keith Brakebill / Ken Leech | 33 mins
Fixed income perspectives

Vic Leverett / Howard Marks | 35 mins
Risks & opportunities in public/private credit

Paul Eitelman | 10 mins
Understanding the Fed

Value of an adviser: Behavioural finance

Audience: Financial Professionals

Staying the course during market volatility is often difficult for many investors. In this webinar we explore some of the common mistakes investors make and deliver some practical tools to help advisers protect their clients in difficult markets.

Recorded: 24 June 2020 | 34 mins

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Global market outlook – Q3 2020

Audience: Institutional and Financial Professionals

Markets have rallied on hopes for an economic recovery as coronavirus-imposed lockdowns are eased across the globe. The rebound has been helped by oversold investor sentiment, but with sentiment back to neutral, so too is our strategists’ market outlook.

Recorded: 24 June 2020 | 6 mins

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The return of volatility, now what?

Audience: Institutional and Financial Professionals

Recent months have reminded us just how volatile markets can be. After about a decade of comparatively benign markets, many investors may be experiencing the recent spike in market volatility for the first time. Others may have been experiencing flashbacks to the global financial crisis. In a world of volatile markets, we examine what options are available to investors to manage risk.

Recorded: 10 June 2020 | 30 mins

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Value of an adviser: Sequential risk

Audience: Financial Professionals

Clients are more sensitive to market volatility as they approach retirement, but many still need to take some risk if they are to achieve their objectives. In this webinar we discuss how you can help your clients navigate through sequential risk.

Recorded: 10 June 2020 | 29 mins

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ESG & Insurance considerations

Audience: Institutional and Financial Professionals

Martin Kellaway, Executive Director, OPDU explains:

  • How Pension Trustee Liability works: Wrongful Acts and Investigations
  • The risks involved in ESG from an insurance and underwriter point of view
  • How we expect all sized schemes to react to the requirements
  • Potential ESG-related claims in the future and how to minimise the risk of them

Recorded: 13 May 2020 | 17 mins

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ESG - The what, the why and the how

Audience: Institutional and Financial Professionals

Jihan Diolosa, Director, Strategic Client Solutions and Head of ESG EMEA and Michael Woodmore, Independent Trustee discuss:

  • What should your investment managers be doing?
  • How do Trustees effectively engage with companies on ESG matters?
  • What new investment opportunities are now available under the ESG banner?
  • Just what are the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and why do they matter?

Recorded: 13 May 2020 | 50 mins

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Trading update

Audience: Institutional

It has been a month of unprecedented volatility, as the COVID-19 outbreak has transfixed markets. But how has market structure fared in this period of exceptional stress and what has been the impact on liquidity and trading costs?

Recorded: 29 April 2020 | 48 mins

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Suitability - providing value in exceptional times

Audience: Financial Professionals

Mark Hayhoe, Regional Sales Director and Damian Davies, founder of Timebank discuss how best to approach the Suitability issue, including tips on what to avoid and what is valued most by clients.

Recorded: 23 April 2020 | 25 mins

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The value of an adviser

Audience: Financial Professionals

Recent market volatility has evoked all kinds of lizard-brain emotions among clients (and maybe also advisers). In this webinar, Mark Hayhoe, Director of UK Regional Sales and Sophie Gilbert, Head of North America Business Solutions, will look at techniques advisers can use to help protect their clients from themselves.

Recorded: 7 April 2020 | 29 mins

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Opportunities within the climate transition

Audience: Institutional (Pension funds)

Aligning with the current dynamic of many individuals working from home, we are hosting a webinar discussing an area of return opportunity as well as social/environmental good: Climate Transition Investment through Private Markets.

Recorded: 2 April 2020 | 57 mins

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Discovering private market opportunities within the climate transition

Audience: Institutional (Insurers)

The threat of continued Climate Change presents very real financial risks to insurers portfolios; both assets and liabilities. As the investable landscape continues to grow, so do the opportunities to commit capital into asset classes which are supporting the necessary climate transition.

Recorded: 24 March 2020 | 42 mins

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