Execution services

We know how important it is to match solid execution with a sound investment strategy. Our seasoned agency trading team can help investors reduce their trading costs through client-centric flexible trading solutions, across equities, fixed income, derivatives or FX.

Benefits of trading with Russell Investments

Pure agency business model

Whether you are an asset owner or an asset manager, our dual registration, pure agency model ensures we execute on our clients' behalf without the conflict associated with proprietary books or crossing networks. As we cannot participate in any spread, we are completely agnostic in which venue we trade with. We're 100% incentivised to get the best deal for our clients. Fees are fully transparent, always.

Experience and strong results

20+ traders¹, with an average of more than 15 years trading experience. Our results are externally verified, and we were proud to achieve consistent outperformance as measured by a variety of industry publications.

24hr coverage, and unsurpassed access to liquidity

Our trading desk is staffed 24 hours a day, enabling efficient access to all global markets. Our desk is able to trade all equities, fixed income, derivatives or FX instruments.

Robust technology

Our flexible solutions are underpinned by robust technology.

Transparent reporting

Full transactional reporting including time stamps and execution cost.

Commission management

Commission recapture

Commission recapture is the most effective institutional investor tool for managing overall commission expenses. By directing trades through our commission recapture programme, you receive an explicit fee rebate without doing anything else differently. We have delivered more than $1.3 billion in savings directly back to our clients.²

Commission sharing agreements (CSA)

We use a variety of methods, such as direct CSA or CSA Aggregation, to redirect commissions to pay for services which you directly use or to provide a discount on other services. These methods provide you with an implicit fee rebate and reduce your overall fees. We help you attain the best execution in trading by making sure that each trade is efficient, transparent and unbiased.

Getting the right deal for you

In 21 out of 25 most recent quarters, Russell Investments Implementation Services, LLC has been ranked as a top-tier broker in Pensions & Investments’ Tradewatch report based on the quality of its trade execution (most recently in P&I’s June 2018 issue).

How can we help?

If you are interested in exploring how our full range of investment implementation solutions can help you, contact us today.

¹ As of 1 January 2016
² Source: Russell Investments Data as at 31 December 2016
³ Source: Institutional Investor, 20 December 2016. Transaction costs, in basis points, benchmarked against full-day volume-weighted-average price, for 12 months ended 30 June 2016


Any opinion expressed, is not a statement of fact, is subject to change and does not constitute investment advice.

The value of your investments may fluctuate. Results achieved in the past do not offer any guarantee for the future.

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