Overlay services

An essential tool for managing large pools of capital, derivative overlays help manage risk elements and improve performance, while simultaneously reducing exposure to unintended risk.

Bespoke solutions - to fit your unique situation

We offer a flexible and scalable overlay platform that supports a broad range of derivatives-based solutions. As at December 2016, we managed £70 billion in overlay strategies.

Some of our overlay solutions include:

Liquidity management/ Cash equitisation
There is an increased need for larger pools of liquidity to meet bulkier cash flows related to benefit payments, and/ or support derivative based investment strategies. Liquidity reserves create a drag on portfolio performance as they are not intended cash allocations within a strategic asset allocation. We offer an overlay service which allows you to sit on a cash reserve without experiencing performance drag – by giving the desired market exposure over the cash.

Fund rebalancing
A rebalancing overlay can be used to help ensure that an investor’s target asset allocation is held in place in a cost efficient and accurate manner, avoiding unwanted tracking error which results from market drift. This is cheaper than rebalancing selling/ buying physical assets.

Fund restructuring/ Interim asset management
Effecting changes in your asset allocation using a derivative overlay can enable you to get the desired market exposure quickly and efficiently, ahead of the movement of physical securities.

Tactical asset allocation
Implement tactical tilts around a long-term policy target. This can be done either using your views or accessing the insights of Russell Investments strategy team.

Currency overlays
Add or remove currency exposures.

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