Multi-Asset Approach

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True multi-asset requires key characteristics. See what makes our approach different.

Our multi-asset approach. Focused on your outcomes.

What are you trying to achieve? Whether you’re an institutional investor, a financial advisor, or an individual guided by an advisor’s personalised advice, we believe the best way to reach your desired outcomes is with a multi-asset approach.

What is multi-asset investing?

In simplest terms, multi-asset investing is the process of gaining exposure to a globally diverse mix of asset classes or styles. Multi-asset may combine traditional securities, like stocks and bonds, with alternative approaches, like real estate or commodities. 

The basic goal is twofold: generate returns while managing risk. Think of it as the potential for upside plus the protection against downside that a risk-managed portfolio can deliver.  

True multi-asset can get highly specific and can provide diversifying factors even within a precise asset allocation. For example, as part of a total portfolio solution, multi-asset vehicles can be all growth equities, or focused on income generation, or focused on tax management, depending on the highly specific outcomes they are trying to achieve.

At Russell Investments, we believe TRUE multi-asset investing requires three characteristics: 

  1. An asset allocation that focuses on specific investor outcomes. 
  2. Precise exposures, crafted from a wide and deep toolkit of asset classes, factors, styles and managers. 
  3. Dynamic portfolio management.

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