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Responsible investing is intelligent investing

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Whether you're driven by personal or stakeholder values, aim to mitigate risk or need to comply with regulation – our approach to responsible investing integrates what matters most to you. Learn about our best practices for responsible investing.

Four beliefs

A sound awareness of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors and a robust process are integral for responsible investing. In our view, they can help deliver strong investment returns and meet objectives over the long-term.



ESG factors

ESG factors

ESG factors impact security prices. These factors can vary by company, industry, and region and their importance can vary through time.



A deep understanding

A deep understanding

A deep understanding of how ESG factors impact security prices is value-adding to a skillful investment process.



Embedding ESG

Embedding ESG

Embedding ESG considerations into a firm's culture and processes improves the likelihood of prolonged and successful investing.



Active ownership

Active ownership

Active ownership of securities is an effective tool for improving investment outcomes.

We believe responsible investing and performance can be complementary. Our responsible investing approach aims to capture the right exposure without jeopardizing return.

Putting beliefs into practice

We incorporate responsible investing in our investment manager evaluation process, our portfolio management, our advisory services, and through implementing proprietary solutions to meet client needs.

Evaluation processes
Portfolio management process
Managers and products are evaluated, ranked and surveyed one by one. As such, our portfolio managers select managers and products with full knowledge of their ESG metrics and how ESG is implemented.
ESG research and metrics
We research and report active manager ranks and metrics and have developed proprietary metrics for our direct investing capabilities.

This includes our DECARBONIZATION 2.0 investing approach and our material esg scoring methodology.

Culture and processes

Sustainable practices are incorporated into our own business just as we ask our managers to do. We are members of numerous industry associations and as a result of our integrated approach, the UN-backed Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) awarded us an A in 2018.

PRI assessment explained
Active ownership

We believe voting is a part of a share’s value-creation process. We are active owners of all our holdings and focus on specific ESG actions within our engagement activities. 

Proxy & engagement report

Russell Investments ESG Global Equity Pool

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Background and strategy

Significantly reduce exposure to carbon risk while gaining equity exposure and the potential for growth. Review details of the investment approach and strategy objectives of the Russell Investments ESG Global Equity Pool for institutional investors.

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For financial advisors

Fund details and information

Access fund details, holdings and related reports on the Russell Investments ESG Global Equity Pool available for financial professionals.


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