A diversified approach to responsible income

Russell Investments Yield Opportunities Pool

A diversified approach to responsible income investing through specialist managers


Russell Investments Yield Opportunities Pool (the “Pool”) aims to maximize yield opportunities without sacrificing the potential for long-term capital appreciation. It capitalizes on regulatory changes that allow retail investors to access investment strategies commonly utilized by large institutional investors.

The Pool will :

  • Invest in a broad range of income-producing equity, real assets and fixed-income securities
    • Consist of specialist third-party sub-advisers selected for their specific expertise in income-producing investments
      • Utilize alternative asset classes and alternative strategies to further enhance and diversify return sources and mitigate risk



As of 09/30/2020
Updated monthly

Fund Characteristics
Total Assets (All Series) $189.36 million
Net Asset Value (Series F) $9.73

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Growth of $10,000 (Since Inception) Series F¹

As of 09/30/2020
03-20-2019 10000.00
03-31-2019 10026.22
04-30-2019 10160.64
05-31-2019 10025.45
06-30-2019 10126.04
07-31-2019 10114.70
08-31-2019 10178.96
09-30-2019 10194.26
10-31-2019 10242.11
11-30-2019 10364.50
12-31-2019 10396.86
01-31-2020 10414.17
02-29-2020 10197.11
03-31-2020 9395.20
04-30-2020 9975.78
05-31-2020 10193.40
06-30-2020 10279.32
07-31-2020 10416.24
08-31-2020 10483.06
09-30-2020 10281.61

Top 10 Holdings*

As of 08/31/2020

Updated monthly

Company Weight
Ginnie Mae II 3.000% 1-Dec-2099 39.50%
Canadian Dollar 18.90%
Russell Investments Canadian Cash Fund 9.91%
Russell Investments Global Unconstrained Bond Pool Series O 8.28%
Ginnie Mae, 2.5%, 09/21/2050 3.41%
Ginnie Mae II 3.500% 1-Dec-2099 0.68%
Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group, Inc. 0.43%
Japan Tobacco, Inc. 0.42%
Turquoise Hill Resources, Ltd. 0.41%
Honda Motor Co., Ltd. 0.38%

*A portion of the cash held in this fund is securitized. The listing of holdings provides information on a fund's investments as of the date indicated and may differ from its annual financial statements.


As of 09/30/2020
NameAllocation %colorStyle
Global Real Estate 2.5#66aadd
Global Infrasturcture0.9#5c5c5c
Global Equity *31.0#005596
Mortgage Prepayment20.1#dd6600
High Yield Debt19.1#9e9e9e
Investment Grade Credit12.0#ccccbb
Bank Loans8.2#000000
Fixed Income Opportunistic5.6#d9d6c6
Emerging Market Debt0.1#996633
Government Bonds 0.0#0068a6

* Includes Global, U.S. and Japanese Equity

This is the intended strategic allocation. Actual allocations may vary. Does not include liquidity reserves managed directly by Russell investments, which may constitute 5% or more of fund assets at any given time.

Series Load Fund Code Currency
Series B Front Load FRC 280 CAD
Series B Low Load FRC 230 CAD
Series B Front Load FRC 380 USD
Series B5 Low Load FRC 325 USD
Series B5 Front Load FRC 295 CAD
Series B5 Low Load FRC 235 CAD
Series B5 Front Load FRC 395 USD
Series F No Load FRC 680 CAD
Series F No Load FRC 780 USD
Series F5 No Load FRC 685 CAD
Series F5 No Load FRC 785 USD
Series O No Load FRC 980 CAD
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