Russell Income Essentials Class Portfolio - US Dollar Hedged Series

The Russell US Dollar Hedged Series is ideal for investors who want U.S. dollar denominated exposure while maintaining key Canadian and international asset classes. The U.S. Dollar Hedged Series offers protection from movements in the US/CAD dollar exchange rate.¹


To provide income and some long-term capital growth primarily through exposure to fixed income securities, financial instruments and, to a lesser extent, exposure to Canadian and foreign equity securities, either directly or through investments in other mutual funds.

  • Russell Short Term Income Pool 10%
  • Russell Fixed Income Pool 42%
  • Russell Global Unconstrained Bond Pool 10%
  • Russell Global High Income Bond Pool 6%
  • Russell Canadian Dividend Pool 4%
  • Russell Focused Canadian Equity Pool 4%
  • Russell Global Smaller Companies Pool 2%
  • Russell Focused US Equity Pool 6%
  • Russell Overseas Equity Pool 5%
  • Russell Focused Global Equity Pool 5%
  • Russell Global Infrastructure Pool 2%
  • Russell Global Real Estate Pool 2%
  • Russell Investments Positioning Strategies 2%

*Inception Date: August 29, 2008

¹ This series will minimize, not eliminate currency fluctuations. for more information see the current Simplified Prospectus of each fund.

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