Communiqué magazine

Communiqué presents our latest thinking on current and emerging investment issues of importance to our institutional clients. A quarterly forum for discussing forward-thinking, thought-provoking investment ideas, Communiqué may change the way you view your investments—and the way you view Russell Investments.

Fall 2017

Best practices for target date funds and managed accounts

Also inside this issue:

  • An interest rate hedging diagnostic
  • The human element of OCIO
  • Q&A: The practical implications of tight credits

Summer 2017

Factor exposures in multi-asset portfolios

Also inside this issue:

  • The hybrid QDIA—A natural evolution of default investing
  • Why we believe in active manager skill and why we believe we can find it
  • Russell Investments' approach to managing reduced-carbon portfolios

Winter 2017

The impact of interest rate expectations on LDI strategy

Also inside this issue:

  • Should investors stay home or go global in 2017?
  • Simplifying the LDI story by focusing on the three DB hedge ratio levers
  • Corporate pension outlook for 2017

Fall 2016

The evolution of multi-asset

Also inside this issue:

  • Adaptive investing – better data makes better solutions
  • Market disruptors
  • Dynamic portfolio management

Summer 2016

Evaluating OCIO

Also inside this issue:

  • Increasing default risk could add liability drag
  • Sustainable investing trends for 2016

Winter 2016

Outlook 2016

Also inside this issue:

  • Active share
  • Considerations for re-risking
  • Productivity: How to get more done

Fall 2015

Currency strategies in a low-return world

Also inside this issue:

  • Risk management perspectives: Ten conversations
  • The fiduciary roadmap for non-profit organizations: Steps in a well-managed investment program
  • What's new in overlay services?
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