Equity Manager Report

Q4 2020 Equity Manager Report: Value the clear winner in most regions

Performance highlights from the final quarter of 2020 and how the market rotation is impacting manager viewpoints for 2021.

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Q3 2020 update

Special U.S. election edition

The latest on how equity managers across the globe fared during the third quarter, plus how the upcoming U.S. election is impacting manager viewpoints.

Q3 2020 Findings

Q2 2020 update

Tech in the driver's seat

How did equity managers across the globe fare during the second quarter?

Q2 2020 Findings

Q2 2020 Fixed Income Survey banner image

Fixed Income Survey

We assess the outlook across the global fixed-income landscape by surveying bond and currency managers throughout the year. We drill deep into fixed-income investment firms’ expectations on interest rates, inflation, credit fundamentals, emerging-market currencies and more.

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Economic Indicators Dashboard

What’s the state of the Canadian economy? We've identified key economic and market indicators to help assess current conditions and compare them to historic ranges.

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