Solutions for non-profit organizations

Helping you align your investment program with your mission

For more than 30 years Russell Investments has provided investment advice and management services to non-profit organizations. Our collaborative experience with clients gives us a solid understanding of, and appreciation for the challenges you face in balancing your public interest activities with the preservation and distribution of assets.

We offer a wide range of services and products

Investment solutions

Our influence over large pools of capital provides access to some of the best money managers in the world and helps ensure that we have the information we need to thoroughly evaluate a manager's people, processes and performance.

We blend Russell Investments researched high-ranked managers with complementary styles into competitively priced, broadly diversified portfolios. Our traditional fixed income and equity offerings include a variety of institutional funds. We can also review managers' business, operational and compliance risks.

Alternative investments

If you are looking for broader portfolio diversification, we also offer real estate and infrastructure investments.

Investment services

We can help with manager transitions, overlay services, currency management and Investment outsourcing.

The non-profit fiduciaries' handbook

A step-by-step guide to investment strategy for non-profit investors

As a non-profit fiduciary, your role is to ensure that your non-profit organization has the money, talent, experience, and resources to fund your mission… and you need to do this in an ever-changing market environment.

We know that's a lot to ask, which is why we have created The Non-profit Fiduciaries' Workshop and Handbook. The workshop and handbook are designed to provide practical advice, planning tools and best-practice information to help you successfully fulfil your responsibilities.

To register to receive a copy of the handbook, or arrange a date for a workshop, click here.

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