Manager research

Manager research can help access “best-of-breed” active management.

Manager research can help give you optimal combinations of managers inside your multi-asset portfolio. Because if you want access to the best active managers in any asset class, you need to research the universe.

We believe you then need to combine managers through an open-architecture approach. By blending independent money managers from around the globe in a single fund—not just managers who work for one fund company—you potentially get access to "best-of-breed" managers for every asset class.

Russell Investments has been researching and hiring some of the world’s leading third-party money managers—to manage discrete segments of investor portfolios—for more than 45 years.1


1Please note: this video may reference statistics and/or awards for Russell Investments globally, and not directly for Russell Investments Canada Limited.  All figures referenced are in USD.

Data shown as of December 31, 2016. Please note that the numbers in this video include traditional products only, and not alternative products as shown in previous years and may not be a direct comparison with numbers provided in previous years.



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