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For investors wanting to manage their own currency trading, we offer RFX Network, a new trading platform that lets buy-side investors trade with one another. RFX Network provides competitive rates for spot and forward transactions in an easy-to-use online system.

Electronic trading for institutional investors

Russell Investments and Integral Development, a leading FX technology company, have launched a unique foreign exchange trading application. The service, designed for the buy-side community, aims to provide advanced netting, best execution and fair allocation of trading outcomes. RFX Network has a sophisticated netting application, a peer-to-peer trading capability, and mid-market matching to reduce transaction costs.

An overview of RFX Network

RFX Network is a leading edge currency trading technology tailored to the needs of institutional investors. Take advantage of buy-side liquidity to make it easier to trade and less expensive to transact.

Benefits of RFX

  • Sophisticated netting – select the best way to net your buys and sells
  • Community trading – match trades first with other buy-side investors before trading in the market
  • Fair allocation – allocate benefits from netting, matching and competitive spot and forward trading among all accounts
  • Flexible platform – upload complex trade lists including, spots, forwards, and swaps orders
  • Less expensive to transact – use over 50 liquidity providers for competitive rates

We also offer these currency management services:

Foreign exchange trading

Based on our research, inattention to FX transactions can detract from investment performance because costs can range up to 30 basis points. Our FX trading service can reduce those costs often to less than 1 basis point. Discover how you can reduce your foreign exchange trading costs

Currency overlay

Currency volatility in an international portfolio can sometimes swamp the return from the main asset. We can help investors design a cost effective currency risk management programme to reduce uncompensated risk. View details into our currency overlay service

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