Internships at Russell Investments

Get a head start on your future. Challenge yourself with a Russell Investments internship - a unique opportunity to work side by side with industry leaders.

Internships at Russell Investments

When you intern at Russell Investments, you are a full member of the team. You will work on real projects and interact with real partners. And you will make contacts within the industry. Your opinions and contributions will make a difference.

The Russell internship programme is aligned with business units to employ the workforce of Russell Investments' future. We have developed, enhanced and grown the internship programme over many years.

Internships at top financial firms have become more competitive and sought after than ever before. Our internships are a rewarding learning experience as they allow students to get a head start on their career, learn from leaders in the industry and work in a stimulating and challenging environment.

Internships vary over time but are available in many of our business areas including:

  • Investment Division
  • Sales and Relationship Management
  • Client Strategy and Research
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Operations

Frequently asked questions

Where are internships located?

The majority of our internships are located in the London office.

When are internships held? How long do they last?  

Our Investment Division internship programme is full time, typically 13 months and starts in July of each year. We also offer a number of full time and part time Internships, typically 3-12 months, throughout the year.

When should I apply for an internship?

You can start applying for our Investment Division internship programme in January/February of each year (for a July start). Internships in our other business areas will be advertised throughout the year.

Who is eligible to intern at Russell Investments?  

We look for the best and brightest students who share a passion for the investment and financial world. We also look for those who have respect for people, diversity and non-negotiable integrity.

Do I have to be a UK citizen to qualify for an internship?

To be eligible for an internship, you must be able to provide proof of legal eligibility to work in the UK.

Are internships paid? Are there any benefits provided? 

All interns earn a competitive salary and are entitled to benefits

Will my interview travel expenses be reimbursed?  

We welcome all students who are interested in an internship with Russell Investments to apply online

Speculative applications can also be submitted to

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