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Responsible investing and ESG

We bring a carefully considered and robust responsible investing approach aligned to your needs


We believe responsible investing is intelligent investing. As a result, we have embedded responsible investment practices and ESG beliefs into our firm-wide practices and processes, including portfolio management. In addition, our responsible investing and ESG experts are integrated throughout business units, spanning functions and regions.


Our investment approach goes beyond standard exclusions to identify asset characteristics that are most relevant to individual investment and the overall portfolio. The focus is on exposures that are sustainable as well as material to your organisation's investment goals. This allows clients to both remove unwanted characteristics and proactively support organisations' positive contribution to research, innovation and leading best practices.


As the focus of sustainability best practice shifts over time, we stay committed to adapting our funds to suit the changing global landscape. You can be sure your capital remains invested in the latest sustainability strategies, without continually changing funds.

A firm-wide holistic ESG integration

Portfolio management

Manager research, ranking, surveys and selection

ESG research and metrics

Research metrics, universes
and reporting

Active ownership

Proxy voting, engagement and sustainable development goals

Culture and process

Firm-wide ESG integration; sustainable work practices; diversity and inclusion


Featured strategy


Global Low Carbon Equity Strategy

The Russell Investments Global Low Carbon Equity Strategy provides investors with global equity market beta but with substantially lower carbon and fossil fuel exposure at a low price.

Any opinion expressed is that of Russell Investments, is not a statement of fact, is subject to change and does not constitute investment advice.

The value of your investments may fluctuate. Results achieved in the past do not offer any guarantee for the future.

Responsible investment services

We work with institutional clients around the world to capture their specific responsible investment requirements within their investment portfolios.



If you are seeking a specific portfolio outcome, our team can work with you to implement focused investment strategies such as decarbonisation or social capital to pursue your desired objective.


Development of portfolios with more optimal responsible investing, such as portfolios that include allocations to higher material ESG scores or impact investing.


Application of negative screens and exclusions to portfolios according to your objectives, e.g. removal of companies involved in manufacture and/or production of weapons, tobacco, cluster ammunitions, gambling and fossil fuels.

We'd be pleased to help you navigate the dynamic and evolving world of responsible investing.

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