How can financial advisers amplify their value?

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Explore the four factors which help advisers add value for their clients

We believe in the value of advisers. Your clients are your most persuasive advocates. Helping them understand the value you deliver is key. Let's make that easier.


A is for annual rebalancing: Do your investors know why this matters. Most investors underestimate the value of a disciplined rebalancing policy.

Annual rebalancing


B is for behavioural mistakes: Preventing them may be your greatest value. Tips for tackling five common investment biases.

Behavioural mistakes

Cost of
investment only

C is for cost: What is the cost and value of basic investment management from advisers? Robos have built their business  learning from human advisers.

Cost and value


P is for planning costs and ancillary services: Make sure your clients consider what those professional hours are worth.

Planning costs


Join us for a series of live and on-demand webinars, where our investment teams share their perspectives and address your key concerns.

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Value of an adviser webinars

Value of an adviser: Bulls vs. bears

Audience: Financial Professionals

Historically bull markets have lasted longer than bear markets and have more than made up for any losses. In this webinar we discuss the lessons learned from previous market cycles and how you can use these to help your clients today.

Recorded: 01 July 2020 | 32 mins

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Value of an adviser: Behavioural finance

Audience: Financial Professionals

Staying the course during market volatility is often difficult for many investors. In this webinar we explore some of the common mistakes investors make and deliver some practical tools to help advisers protect their clients in difficult markets.

Recorded: 24 June 2020 | 34 mins

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Value of an adviser: Sequential risk

Audience: Financial Professionals

Clients are more sensitive to market volatility as they approach retirement, but many still need to take some risk if they are to achieve their objectives. In this webinar we discuss how you can help your clients navigate through sequential risk.

Recorded: 10 June 2020 | 29 mins

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The value of an adviser

Audience: Financial Professionals

Recent market volatility has evoked all kinds of lizard-brain emotions among clients (and maybe also advisers). In this webinar, Mark Hayhoe, Director of UK Regional Sales and Sophie Gilbert, Head of North America Business Solutions, will look at techniques advisers can use to help protect their clients from themselves.

Recorded: 7 April 2020 | 29 mins

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