Investment perspectives

Market insights and new research

Investment perspectives

Market insights and new research

Fixed income: a book with more than one page

By Noah Schiltknecht, Director, NZ Institutional

Most investors use allocations to fixed income to create a balance to the more riskier assets in their portfolio. But investors are divided between the use of domestic and offshore bonds. So what trade-offs should NZ investors consider when determining the split?

To fear or not to fear the yield curve?

By Paul Eitelman, Senior Investment Strategist

With the spread between 10-year and 2-year Treasury yields down, an active debate is raging among economists about the efficacy of the yield curve a recession indicator in the current cycle. Paul discuses whether the U.S. Treasury yield curve always foretells a recession.

The case of emerging markets

By Ronal Prasad, Investment Analyst and Jim Wang, Senior Analyst

Emerging markets have received a lot of attention if late–both positive and not so positive. In this article we look past the current trends and market news that have impacted returns and revisit the case for a long-term exposure to emerging markets – specifically the drivers of growth

Managing success: How do active managers handle increasing AUM?

By Leola Ross, Director, Strategy Research;
John Forrest, CFA, Head, Research Practice and
Yuki Xi, Portfolio Analyst

Some larger AUM managers can produce strong returs–but how? We put this question to our team of specialist manager research analysts and captured a number of insights

Materiality matters

By Noah Schiltknecht, Director, NZ Institutional

Russell Investments has developed a new way to measure a company's ESG (environmental, social and governance) scores. Our evidence suggests that the Russell Investments material ESG scores can potentially provide more insght than broader ESG scores.

The long mark of diversification - 15000 BCE to today

The principle of spreading one's bets is as old as man. This article provides an insightful look into the history of diversification.

International Bonds Q&A

By James Mitchell, Senior Portfolio Manager, Global Fixed Income

In this short Q&A, James Mitchell provides the latest insights from global bond markets and shares Russell Investments' current positioning in the face of changing market conditions.

Imperfect currency hedging

By Ronal Prasad, Investment Analyst and
Andrew Johnson, Licensed Independent Trustee

Currency hedging generally provides investors with a pure exposure to returns (and risks) of investment markets. In practice, the difference in returns can be significant. We discuss the impact of imperfect currency hedging for global equities and what this means for investors.

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